Unlock your full potential. Have social impact.

Academics for Development strives to give all students the opportunity to enrich themselves and have durable social impact through a hands on, multidisciplinary, and cross-cultural entrepreneurship experience. To realise the aforementioned, AFD undertakes projects and events.


Projects Events
AFD organises social impact oriented student consulting projects around the world in which a multidisciplinary team of students works with a social entreprise, start-up or NGO.
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AFD organises events to bring topics related to social entrepreneurship and impact closer to the broader student community and public. Furthermore, AFD endeavours to be a platform for young, aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurial individuals with innovative ideas for social change.
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what we believe in
Have social impact today! Have social impact tomorrow!
We champion the potential of every student to make a real and tangible difference in the world. We champion the strength of a holistic education that values hands-on experience, multidisciplinary dialogue and intercultural immersion.
We believe in realising self-sustaining and self-seeding social impact projects around the world through knowledge exchange and entrepreneurial action. We believe in inspiring a new generation of bright minds to challenge the status quo and conventional models, driven by a social and entrepreneurial spirit.


what we aspire

As student organisation founded on social entrepreneurship AFD strives to give:

1. Local communities, organisations and companies entrepreneurial and knowledge support. 2. Students the opportunity to have social impact and develop themselves through exchanging knowledge, and immersive international and hands-on practical experiences in a multidisciplinary setting. 3. Students the ambition and inspiration to take initiative to make a difference for society.


what we stand for
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Passion Inclusion Excellence Sustainability
AFD is passion: pure intrinsic motivation to listen, learn and have social impact. AFD is highly invested in including students from all backgrounds and working with local stakeholders for our projects. AFD strives to excel by upholding high quality standards and providing a stimulating, enriching environment. AFD fosters social, economic and ecological sustainability in every aspect and action of our organisation.




In the pursuit of its social mission, AFD Louvain-la-Neuve develops partnerships with the academic faculties in order to optimize the quality of the work performed by the students and to increase the influence of the activities of the organization on the campus.
In the long term, AFD wants to be a reference on the campus of Louvain-la-Neuve for social entrepreneurship and consultancy projects, as well as events and training courses on development issues. This ambition can only be realized if a strong and permanent link is established between the association and the academic representatives.