Apply for an AFD project !

If you’re looking forward to being part of the AFD-adventure, you’re in the right place ! The recruitment process is divided in 2 main steps:

1) Firstly, send us your CV and your cover letter (one page) at Don’t forget to explicitly mention your top 3 projects and to tell us more about your motivations to join AFD. You will receive instructions on how to prepare the interview when we receive your application

2) Then, we’ll get to know you a bit better during the short interview (max 30 mins) where you’ll also have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

In case you’re wondering, dress accordingly without feeling uncomfortable!

If everything goes well, the adventure will officially start on the 9th of October with the launching event of all AFD projects!

The recruiting is open to all students in Bac 3/Master. An AFD project is intrinsically interdisciplinary, all faculties are represented in AFD. You should however be conscious that, for some projects, some backgrounds are more looked for than other ones. Nevertheless, there is room for everyone in AFD, and it should not prevent you from applying for your dream AFD project !