CdF Madagascar


Madagascar is a country highly affected by deforestation. To save and be able to use the lands that were destroyed, the association Cœur de Forêt encourages the implementation of so called « Carbon Projects » . The key idea of these projects is to revalorise the deforested zones by analyzing the best way to replant trees and plants and use the newly available ressources (wood, roots..) in a durable way.

The students will be brought to adapt such a « Carbon Project » to the particular context of Madagaskar and eventually write the necessary documents to create and implement the project.


In collaboration with Marina Gavaldao, an expert in the creation of carbon projects, the students will build the project and write the documents that have to be handed to auditors so that the project can be started. This kind of project is built in rather generalized steps that should now be adapted to Madagascar’s specific situation by doing field research and analysing the countries existing flora.
The documents will have to be written in ENGLISH.

A typical Carbon project is built the following way :

  1. Checking pre-feasibility :
    Verify the elgibility and additionality, the market potential, certification indicators, the associated risk
  2. Design and start of project :
    Verify the quality, the impact, the management of ressources and overall organisation and previsions for the elimination of « « as well as another risk analysis

The aim of the project is to realize the necessary analysis and create a complete document so that the project can be implemented in an affected area afterwards. This analysis will be done in part in Belgium during the academic year, based on available data, and followed up by a field trip in Madagaskar where further information should be available.


The association Cœur de Forêt is a french association founded in 2005 which aims to valorize and protect forests as well as the people living there.

The objectives are :

  • Reforest and preserve the biodiversity of forests and their ecosystems
  • Valorize natural ressources by locally transforming them to products with high added value
  • Structurize channells to help out small local producers for fair commercial exchanges and transparency
  • Sensibilise the public to the stakes of preservation and valorisation of forests with the help of fair trade and agro-foresty.
Student profiles

This project will require a multidisciplinary team. We look for students in following fields :

  • Economics and Management (with a focus in marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship or finance)
  • Sociology/Anthropology
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Bioengineering
  • At ease with written and spoken french and english