Gomotsegang Consultancy


The poorest households in South Africa frequently use fuel briquettes to cover their energy and heating needs. These briquettes are highly polluting considering their composition. The solution proposed by Gometsegang consultancy is to create briquettes based on organic and low-cost materiels and sell them at an interesting price. Their idea is to recover the waste of invasive plants such as poplar, eucalyptus, wild pins and transform them to briquettes by including wood shavings that are recycled too. These briquettes would pollute less and emit less smoke.


Main objective:
Participate to the elaboration of the business strategy and marketing plan of the briquettes.

Specific objectives:
Create a marketing plan adapted to the region of Pretoria

  • get in touch with the different communities
  • consider various suppliers, optimal production quantities and storage
  • a theoretical preparation based on scientific literature and a close collaboration with Gometsegang consultancy

The students will work on the project in Belgium over the academic year and spend around 6 weeks in South Africa for the last phase of their project.


Gometsegang consultancy is an organisation which provides professional services in terms of environmental management and public health. This organisation was established by Dr. Gometsegang Fred Molelekwa in 2003.

Student profile

We’re obviously looking for a pluridiscplinary team. Nevertheless, the particulary interesting profiles are Business engineers, students in economics/management, law, human sciences and engineers.